About IBM Government to Business templates

IBM Government to Business (G2B) templates implement a platform for information and services built with Lotus technology. These templates help accelerate the building of (G2B) websites. They deliver solutions to common problems that the government agencies face and provide best practices examples that can be customized and configured to meet specific requirements.

  • Give People what they want - information and services on demand

    Government agencies are constantly searching for ways to better serve the needs of citizens more effectively and responsively. Citizens and business users are now used to getting their information and completing transactions online. They expect this level of service from government, and they want it on demand, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Agencies feel the pressure to provide higher-quality services to more constituents through more effective implementations.

  • Create the portal that you and your constituents need

    Solutions and services from IBM and IBM Business Partners enable you to give constituents and employees a portal with just the right services to meet their needs. A flexible, open portal environment allows your IT department to quickly and cost-effectively integrate the applications and features your users need into your e-citizen portal, without being limited to costly proprietary solutions. 

  • Get your portal up and running quickly

    How soon can you design and implement an e-citizen portal? How soon do you need it? IBM offers capabilities that enable self-service solutions for government agencies that are easy for IT to deploy, support and update. Out-of-the-box solutions, reusable components, prebuilt templates and Web 2.0 capabilities in IBM software mean your IT department spends less time writing complicated code, and your agency can implement services more quickly.