About Lotus Quickr for WebSphere Portal

Lotus Quickr is team collaboration software that can help you access and interact with the people, information and project materials you need to get your work done. Lotus Quickr team spaces, content libraries, team discussion forums, wikis, and connectors make it easy to share documents and information amongst a team, and Lotus Quickr software works with your enterprise content management system, as well as with Lotus Notes, IBM Connections, IBM Sametime, Lotus Symphony, Microsoft Office and Microsoft Outlook.

  • Content Libraries

    Use Lotus Quickr content libraries to organize and share content for your projects, your teams or yourself. You can quickly set up libraries for all your documents and files so your teams can easily share and collaborate with check-in and check-out, version control, and other tools to help manage content. You can also access content libraries from your favorite applications -- save documents directly into a Lotus Quickr content library right from Microsoft Office, or from IBM Lotus Symphony. Or, simply drag files from your Microsoft Windows desktop into Lotus Quickr.

  • Team Collaboration and Enterprise Content Management

    When your organization uses a combination of the self-service, team collaboration capabilities in Lotus Quickr and the industry leading infrastructure of IBM Enterprise Content Management, you can work smarter, reduce costs, and make better decisions. IBM offers the most complete single-vendor collaboration and content management offering.

  • Team Places

    Lotus Quickr Team places are easy to create, fun to use, and don't place undue burdens on your busy IT department. Use the Lotus Quickr ready-to-use templates to jumpstart any project or team. It's easy to use your new place with team calendars, discussion forums, blogs, wikis and other collaborative tools that help empower teams and keep projects on track.

  • Connectors

    Lotus Quickr Connectors make it easy to use team collaboration along with other applications -- you can access your team places, shared content and even collaborate from where you are without having to stop what you are doing and switch applications. You can focus on the task at hand, you can use the software you already have, and you can still share your ideas and work with your extended team.

  • Social Everywhere

    IBM is making social and smarter collaboration more pervasive, across a wide range of devices and applications so that businesses have the ability to connect people with relevant information at anytime and from anywhere. IBM is delivering the most complete set of social software services, which enable rich integration with IBM WebSphere Portal, IBM Lotus Notes, IBM Lotus Sametime, and other applications (such as Microsoft Office and Microsoft SharePoint).