About IBM iNotes Social Edition

With IBM iNotes Social Edition software, you can equip your employees with capabilities similar to those included in IBM Notes® client software, but delivered through a Web browser. Employees can send encrypted rich text e-mail, schedule meetings, manage tasks and collaborate with colleagues - whether they are using their own workstations, Internet kiosks or PCs that belong to other users. iNotes delivers your email, calendars, and contacts directly through the browser on your mobile device - with no software for you to install.


As of January 15, 2017 the iNotes functions of Greenhouse will be shut-down.
We welcome you to try IBM Verse by visiting: http://www-03.ibm.com/software/products/ibm-verse

  • Get work done fast through the Web

    IBM iNotes software delivers everything you need to get your work done quickly through the Web. When you need the power and experience similar to your IBM Notes client when away from the office, or when you just need quick access to email, you get everything you need in an easy to use environment.

  • Work when you don't have a client

    You can get connected wherever work needs to be done with IBM iNotes software, even when you don't have your laptop with you. In a business center or Internet cafe, and even over slow connections, keep on top of your work without leaving sensitive data behind. Provides a security-rich environment to help protect business-critical information. Supports a variety of authentication options as well as encryption and digital signatures.

  • Improved productivity with an enhanced user interface

    Offers a look and feel similar to the IBM Notes client and offers flexibility to customize the display to match the way you work. Include options to preview messages, easily see and manage related e-mail messages together in a group, display your calendar invitations in different ways.  Allows employees to see who's available for real-time collaboration, without having to switch applications.