About IBM Docs and IBM SmartCloud Docs

IBM Docs leverages the powerful, collaborative IBM Connections Files and Communities so you can easily share, view and edit your office productivity files individually or with team members… making sure everyone is working on the most current version. IBM SmartCloud Docs delivers the same easy-to use collaborative editing suite – in the cloud – through IBM SmartCloud for Social Business.

  • Leverage the feature-rich web editor when creating documents

    When you need to create a document, spreadsheet or presentation that you need to share with colleagues, leverage the powerful, feature-rich IBM Docs editor.

  • Leave a comment and start a discussion

    When you need to work on a document together but at different times, IBM Docs commenting and discussion services allow “conversations” to take place, issues to be flagged and follow up tasks to be assigned.... all inside the document and in context.

  • Co-edit with colleagues, clients or partners in real-time

    IBM Docs lets you simultaneously edit a document with other contributors, greatly improving the simplicity and efficiency by which teams build documents. Choose the mode that works best for you.... work in real-time out in the open or work privately.