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Social Business Toolkit SDK

The Social Business Toolkit SDK is a set of libraries and code samples that you use for connecting to the IBM Social Platform.

Use the SDK and your web development skills to add social capabilities to your applications.


The Playground is a web-based live demonstration of the JavaScript APIs that are exposed by the SDK. The Playground contains a large set of code snippets and examples that you can customize and use in your own applications.

Playground Documentation

To get started, go to the Playground tab and select an environment from the drop-down menu. If you select the Greenhouse environment, the Playground is connected to the Connections 4 instance in Greenhouse.

If you select Custom, you can enter a URL and the OAuth information to connect to your own Connections instance.

After you select an environment, click Social->Profiles->Get Profile. If you are in the Greenhouse environment, enter your Greenhouse login credentials when prompted. When JavaScript code appears in the code pane, modify Line 2 of the code to replace the substitution variable %{} with an email address of a user in the environment that you have selected. Click Run, and after a few seconds the name associated with the email address appears in the result pane.

You can use the HTML and CSS tabs to customize the display of the result. To see the HTML, CSS, and JavaScript combined, click Show Generated HTML.

Why social business?

A social business focuses on the energy, creativity, and decision-making skills of people. People in a social business find what they need more quickly, solve problems faster, and discover valuable expertise and information in ways that they never expected.

IBM's strategy for social business

IBM's strategy for social business includes two main components:

  • A Social Business Framework with a modular set of capabilities for a unified work experience across products on the user interface, on mobile devices, and in the cloud.
  • A Social Business Toolkit with a comprehensive set of APIs, open standards, documentation, samples, best practices, and an active community. Designed to support the framework for social business, the toolkit provides the services that developers can use to integrate social capabilities into their business applications.

IBM Social Business Toolkit

The Social Business Toolkit is a set of extensible tools and resources for developers who want to incorporate social capabilities into their applications and business processes.

Social capabilities include features and functionality that tap into the power of social interactions, business networks, community-based problem solving, and more.

The Social Business Toolkit is evolving in parallel with the IBM Social Business Framework, a strategic model for a unified work experience across the IBM Collaboration Solutions product portfolio.

IBM developerWorks

developerWorks is a top destination for IT professionals. IBM developerWorks is the industry-leading and award-winning technical resource and professional network for the developer community.

developerWorks hosts a community dedicated to social business and to the SDK in particular. It is an entry point for web developers who want to take advantage of the IBM Social Business Toolkit SDK.


The Mission of OpenNTF is to support the open source projects hosted at OpenNTF.Org. OpenNTF provides the framework to develop open source applications which may be freely distributed.

The IBM Social Business Toolkit SDK is provided as a project on OpenNTF, under the Apache 2.0 license. It can be freely downloaded and used.

Social Business Toolkit SDK on OpenNTF

IBM Greenhouse

IBM Greenhouse is a live community where you can use IBM Collaboration Solutions products for free.

Greenhouse hosts a live version of the Playground, connecting to the latest instances of IBM Connections, IBM SmartCloud for Social Business, IBM Domino, and IBM Sametime. Although you don't need a Greenhouse account to use the Playground, an account is required to access services that are hosted on Greenhouse. Greenhouse accounts are free.

IBM Greenhouse - Social Business Toolkit