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May 20, 2015 average rating 5 stars by 5 people
Download 1935 downloads
Submitted by Keith Attenborough | Provided by IBM | Tags:
connections, mail, domino, exchange
| Industry: Not Specific

IBM Connections Mail is a new, simple and compelling way to perform essential email and calendar tasks right from IBM Connections, your social software platform.

Dec 18, 2012 average rating 5 stars by 11 people
Download 3223 downloads
Submitted by Gearóid Ó Treasaigh | Provided by IBM | Tags:
firefox, toolbar, connections, plug-in, add-on, browser, productivity,
| Industry: Not Specific

Firefox toolbar to easily access your IBM Connections content with out navigating or searching the UI

May 9, 2014 average rating 5 stars by 2 people
Download 59 downloads
Submitted by Felix Binsack | Provided by TIMETOACT GROUP | Tags:
connections_timetoact_xcc_content_management, connections, timetoact, xcc, content_managment_solution
| Industry: Not Specific

Integrate internal Communication into IBM Connections.

Dec 12, 2012 item has not been rated
Download 225 downloads
Submitted by Doug Breaux | Provided by IBM | Tags:
connections, communities, greasemonkey, files
| Industry: Not Specific

Greasemonkey Script will add (x/y MB) beside the "Files" left navigation menu item for a Community.

Jun 14, 2011 average rating 4 stars by 1 person
Download 25 downloads
Submitted by Adam Brown | Provided by ISW | Industry: Not Specific

iWildfire is a native iOS App for IBM Lotus Connections. Supports iPhone and iPad. Get Social - Get Mobile with iWildfire

May 15, 2015 average rating 4 stars by 3 people
Download 936 downloads
Submitted by Trish Buffini | Provided by IBM | Tags:
mac, connections, files, sync, file-sync, desktop, plug-in, connector
| Industry: Not Specific

The IBM Connections for Mac file sync plug-in allows you to work with your synced files while you are offline. When you reconnect, all your changes are automatically synced back to the server. Additionally, while you are online, you can share your synced files, tag them, lock and unlock, etc all directly from Finder.

Jan 10, 2013 item has not been rated
Download 288 downloads
Submitted by Emily Mcauliffe | Provided by Ephox Corporation | Tags:
editor, rich-text, connections, content, spell-check
| Industry: Not Specific

Increase user adoption in IBM Connections by simplifying the content creation process with Ephox EditLive!, an advanced rich text editor that brings desktop-like word processing capabilities to Connections’ Communities, Wikis, Blogs, Profiles, Activities and Forums.

Jan 27, 2011 average rating 5 stars by 1 person
Download 487 downloads
Submitted by Paul McCann | Provided by IBM | Tags:
Quickr, connections, plugin
| Industry: Not Specific

The IBM® Lotus® Connections 3.0 Connector for Lotus® Quickr™ allows users to create associated Lotus Quickr team places for their Lotus Connections Communities.

Sep 16, 2014 average rating 5 stars by 6 people
Download 157 downloads
Submitted by Romain Lienard | Provided by IBM | Tags:
connections, toolbar, chrome, google, extension, plugin, search, quicksearch, browser
| Industry: Not Specific

This extension let you search content within IBM Connections directly from Google Chrome, but also share URL or File to multiple persons using a group feature, or upload new profile picture easily.

Jan 16, 2015 average rating 5 stars by 1 person
Download 437 downloads
Submitted by Trish Buffini | Provided by IBM | Tags:
lotus, connections, plug-in, integration, microsoft, sharepoint, tag-cloud, profiles, search, business-card
| Industry: Not Specific

The IBM Connections Plug-in for Microsoft SharePoint is intended to enhance Microsoft SharePoint environments with additional social and collaborative functionality via interoperability with IBM Connections services.

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