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What performance boost will you experience?
Jan 15, 2010 average rating 4 stars by 2 people
Download 992 downloads
Submitted by Laura Pomerleau | Provided by IBM | Tags:
WebSphere_Portal, mobile, iPhone, theme
| Industry: Telecommunications

Sample code to jumpstart the development of a WebSphere Portal theme for mobile devices such as the Apple iPhone, Blackberry or Droid.

Mar 19, 2013 average rating 5 stars by 1 person
Download 755 downloads
Submitted by Venkat Thirukovalooru | Provided by IBM Corporation | Tags:
Sametime_Web_Chat_Portlet_plug-in_browser, sametime, portlet, websphere_portal
| Industry: Not Specific

The IBM WebSphere Portal Sametime Chat portlet provides real time communication capabilities on your portal, by leveraging your existing IBM Lotus Sametime infrastructure.

Oct 22, 2013 average rating 5 stars by 4 people
Download 488 downloads
Submitted by Stephan Hesmer | Provided by IBM | Tags:
WebSphere_Portal, Portal, Portlet, Theme, Modularization, IBM_WebSphere_Portal, Development, Debugging, Module, Profile, 8001
| Industry: Not Specific

Allows to examine all parts of the theme optimization framework including profiles and module hierarchy

May 14, 2012 average rating 2 stars by 2 people
Download 499 downloads
Submitted by Jon Lidaka | Provided by IBM | Tags:
mobile, iPhone, WebSphere_Portal, Theme
| Industry: Not Specific

Mobile theme for extending web experience to mobile devices on WebSphere Portal v8.0.

May 29, 2014 average rating 2 stars by 6 people
Download 639 downloads
Submitted by Saurabh Agarwal | Provided by IBM | Tags:
JSF2.0, WebSphere_Portal, Portlets
| Industry: Not Specific

JSF 2.0 Portlet Bridge for IBM WebSphere Portal

Jul 12, 2010 average rating 5 stars by 1 person
Download 145 downloads
Submitted by Joachim Loeffel | Provided by IBM | Tags:
portal, WSRP, Application_Server, WebSphere_Portal
| Industry: Telecommunications

Expose JSR 168 portlets deployed on WebSphere Application Server 6.1 as WSRP services

Oct 29, 2012 average rating 5 stars by 2 people
Download 80 downloads
Submitted by enguerrand spindler1 | Provided by ALFSTORE | Tags:
alfresco, portlet, websphere_portal
| Industry: Not Specific

Alfstore offers Alfresco document management features for IBM WebSphere Portal

Sep 7, 2011 average rating 5 stars by 1 person
Download 132 downloads
Submitted by Harmen van der Kooij | Provided by Portico Consultancy | Tags:
Widgr, Connections, Social_Software, WebSphere_Portal, Portal, intregration
| Industry: Not Specific

Integration of IBM Connections into your existing WebSphere Portal sites

Jun 3, 2011 average rating 5 stars by 1 person
Download 86 downloads
Submitted by Jim Engelking | Provided by Genus Technologies | Tags:
FileNet_ECM_IBM_Content_Manager, digital_asset_management, DAM, video_content_management, town_hall_meetings, user_generated_video, connections, wcm, WebSphere_Portal, Unica, MDM, Commerce
| Industry: Not Specific

Genus Media Upshot™ is the end-to-end solution for rich media content capture, management, storage and delivery for IBM Connections, IBM Web Content Management (WCM) and WebSphere Portal.

Mar 31, 2011 average rating 4 stars by 1 person
Download 314 downloads
Submitted by Eamon Horkan | Provided by IBM Software Group Collaboration Solutions | Tags:
sametime, websphere_portal, wps, stproxy, sametime_proxy, ContactList, Portlet, ContactList_Portlet, Sametime_Web_2.0_ContactList
| Industry: Not Specific

IBM Lotus Sametime Proxy Server upgrade for WebSphere Portal 7 allows you to connect to Lotus Sametime and expose its features in IBM WebSphere Portal Version 7.0.0.

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