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Mar 9, 2015 average rating 5 stars by 4 people
Download 184 downloads
Submitted by Christopher Bosko | Provided by IBM | Tags:
portal, mobile, preview, wcm, simulator
| Industry: Not Specific

IBM Mobile Preview for Digital Experience Software is a tool that allows you to preview your Portal pages as a mobile user from a variety of virtual mobile devices.

Jan 27, 2011 average rating 5 stars by 1 person
Download 219 downloads
Submitted by Jill Browne | Provided by IBM | Tags:
IBM_Webshere_Poratl_Solution_Installer, IBM_Websphere_Portal_Content_Template_Catalog, Solution_Installer, Portal, WCM, IBM_WebSphere_Portal_Solution_Installer, Web_Content_Management
| Industry: Not Specific

Portal Notifications for IBM WebSphere Portal allows authenticated portal users to View and Send Messages to other users of the same Portal

Jan 23, 2013 average rating 4 stars by 3 people
Download 389 downloads
Submitted by Jill Browne | Provided by IBM | Tags:
Portal, WCM, banking
| Industry: Banking

The IBM Web Experience Banking Template is a set of functional components and development tools to help you design and build a portal solution tailored for the Banking industry.

Jan 14, 2010 item has not been rated
Download 94 downloads
Submitted by MUDIT MEHROTRA | Provided by IBM | Tags:
webdav, wcm, portal, authoring, versioning, extension
| Industry: Telecommunications

WebDAV support for WebSphere Portal.

May 4, 2015 average rating 3 stars by 5 people
Download 246 downloads
Submitted by Matthias Falkenberg | Provided by IBM | Tags:
social, portal, ddc, connections, digital-data-connector, web-content-manager, integration_ibm-connections-cloud, wcm
| Industry: Not Specific

The Social Rendering Templates for Digital Data Connector package contains a set of web content libraries, sample pages, page templates and new portlets that use the provided web content to integrate social data from IBM Connections into WebSphere Portal.

Oct 6, 2014 average rating 5 stars by 2 people
Download 131 downloads
Submitted by Craig Fotheringham | Provided by IBM | Tags:
wcm, commerce, integration, portal
| Industry: Not Specific

IBM Web Content Manager for WebSphere Commerce enables line of business users to easily create, manage and merchandise promotional marketing, product and catalog Web content for eCommerce sites.

Sep 10, 2012 average rating 5 stars by 7 people
Download 1582 downloads
Submitted by Mark Hampton | Provided by IBM | Tags:
CTC, CTC3, Content_Templates_Catalog, IBM_WebSphere_Portal, IBM_Web_Content_Manager, WCM, "content_templates_catalog"
| Industry: Not Specific

The Content Template Catalog v3 (CTC3) is a set of templates that are used to accelerate the process of building a website with IBM Web Content Manager and IBM WebSphere Portal.

Jun 3, 2011 average rating 5 stars by 1 person
Download 87 downloads
Submitted by Jim Engelking | Provided by Genus Technologies | Tags:
FileNet_ECM_IBM_Content_Manager, digital_asset_management, DAM, video_content_management, town_hall_meetings, user_generated_video, connections, wcm, WebSphere_Portal, Unica, MDM, Commerce
| Industry: Not Specific

Genus Media Upshot™ is the end-to-end solution for rich media content capture, management, storage and delivery for IBM Connections, IBM Web Content Management (WCM) and WebSphere Portal.

Apr 22, 2010 average rating 4 stars by 1 person
Download 62 downloads
Submitted by Uwe Hansmann | Provided by IBM | Tags:
symphony_wcm, symphony, wcm
| Industry: Telecommunications

Provides the integration between Symphony and WCM

Mar 5, 2013 average rating 5 stars by 4 people
Download 270 downloads
Submitted by David De Vos | Provided by IBM | Tags:
wcm, smp, twitter, facebook, linkedin, connections
| Industry: Not Specific

The Web Content Manager Social Media Publisher is a new extension to IBM Web Content Manager that allows businesses to promote their web content on social networks (as well as provide some basic statistics about the promoted content).

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