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With tag: portalX
Mar 18, 2015 average rating 5 stars by 4 people
Download 190 downloads
Submitted by Andreas Jauch | Provided by IBM | Tags:
portal, log, viewer, logs
| Industry: Not Specific

The IBM Log Viewer portlet can display log files on your WebSphere Portal or WebSphere Application Server in your browser. It offers a follow tail and features to support log file analysis.

Mar 11, 2015 average rating 5 stars by 3 people
Download 832 downloads
Submitted by Timo Kussmaul | Provided by IBM | Tags:
portal, WSRP, WAS, Application_Server
| Industry: Not Specific

The IBM WSRP Version 2.0 Producer for IBM WebSphere Application Server is a lightweight WSRP Producer that supports the WSRP 1.0 and WSRP 2.0 standards. It provides JSR 286 and JSR168 compliant portlets that are deployed on IBM WebSphere Application Server to remote WSRP Consumer portals.

Mar 10, 2015 average rating 5 stars by 4 people
Download 798 downloads
Submitted by Jon Lidaka | Provided by IBM | Tags:
mobile, webkit, portal, xwebx
| Industry: Not Specific

Mobile theme for extending web experience to smartphones.

Mar 9, 2015 average rating 5 stars by 4 people
Download 150 downloads
Submitted by Christopher Bosko | Provided by IBM | Tags:
portal, mobile, preview, wcm, simulator
| Industry: Not Specific

IBM Mobile Preview for Digital Experience Software is a tool that allows you to preview your Portal pages as a mobile user from a variety of virtual mobile devices.

Jan 15, 2015 average rating 5 stars by 1 person
Download 420 downloads
Submitted by Jennifer Frischknecht | Provided by IBM | Tags:
connections, portal, portlets, 5.0, ibm_connections, social, activities, blogs, bookmarks, communities, files, profiles, tagcloud, wikis, community-aware, community, aware, plug-in, resolver, 4.5
| Industry: Not Specific

The IBM Connections Portlets for WebSphere Portal delivers the IBM Connections rich set of social software services for use within a WebSphere Portal environment. WebSphere Portal users can integrate the Activities, Blogs, Bookmarks, Communities, Forums, Profiles, and Wiki applications of Connections along with a Tag Cloud portlet for quick filtering in composite applications.

Oct 27, 2014 average rating 3 stars by 4 people
Download 191 downloads
Submitted by Matthias Falkenberg | Provided by IBM | Tags:
social, portal, ddc, connections, digital-data-connector, web-content-manager, integration_ibm-connections-cloud, wcm
| Industry: Not Specific

The Social Rendering Templates for Digital Data Connector package contains a set of web content libraries, sample pages, page templates and new portlets that use the provided web content to integrate social data from IBM Connections into WebSphere Portal.

Oct 13, 2014 average rating 3 stars by 5 people
Download 1567 downloads
Submitted by MUDIT MEHROTRA | Provided by IBM | Tags:
portal, sharepoint, integration, application, bridge, WAB,
| Industry: Not Specific

IBM Web Application Bridge

Oct 7, 2014 item has not been rated
Download 39 downloads
Submitted by Alan Kenny | Provided by IBM | Tags:
sametime, portal, contact_list
| Industry: Not Specific

IBM Sametime Contact List Portlet update to add support for IBM Sametime Proxy Server 9

Oct 6, 2014 average rating 5 stars by 1 person
Download 189 downloads
Submitted by Sascha Schefenacker | Provided by IBM | Tags:
SAP, Portal, Integration, Netweaver
| Industry: Not Specific

IBM® WebSphere Portal Integrator for SAP integrates navigational structures or single content pieces from an SAP NetWeaver Portal into your IBM WebSphere Portal.

Oct 6, 2014 average rating 5 stars by 2 people
Download 125 downloads
Submitted by Craig Fotheringham | Provided by IBM | Tags:
wcm, commerce, integration, portal
| Industry: Not Specific

IBM Web Content Manager for WebSphere Commerce enables line of business users to easily create, manage and merchandise promotional marketing, product and catalog Web content for eCommerce sites.

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