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IBM Support Tools portlet for Lotus WCM 

Version: 1.7.1
Published by Steve Knaus on Dec 5, 2017
Provided by IBM
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Description: Portlet for troubleshooting WCM problems

Full Description

IBM Support Tools portlet for Lotus WCM

The IBM Support Tools portlet for Lotus WCM provides an assortment of tools that are useful in troubleshooting content related issues.

This portlet includes tools to view the JCR repository for WCM content, run an xpath query and view results, and directly execute various support jsps. These tools are commonly provided by support on a case to case basis to gather information specific to customer environment and content. With this portlet installed on the WCM system, it will help expedite the troubleshooting process.

The portlet is available for v8.x of WebSphere Portal and can only be used on Portals that have WCM installed on the them.

December 1, 2017 (1.7.1):

Security fix for cross-site scripting vulnerability CVE-2017-1536. See corresponding security bulletin for details (


 commented on 8/20/10 12:26:33 PM
In the option that shows the entries in the Event Log the information displayed in the ITEMID column is highlighted. When placing the cursor on one of the item it shows this: javascript:launchVersions("selected item id filled in followed by spaces) Should the item open when clicked. If so, it is not working. Please advise. Thanks, Joe
 commented on 11/13/11 3:14:51 AM
Hi, I have download just all war files which is provide, where is the readme/install & operational guide for this tool
 commented on 2/21/12 4:43:00 AM
how to use?
 commented on 2/23/12 12:51:37 AM
It is a portlet that contains WCM utilities. Install the and put it to a secure page, like admin page so that only admin can access it. -The most useful tools is the "Browse Nodes", it shows the internal structure (JCR) of WCM. You can search the node(WCM item) by UUID which can resolve a lot of permission issue since most of the WCM exception only contains UUID. -"Run XPath Query" returns the result from JCR by using Xpath without WCM manipulation, it can isolate the problem is created from JCR or WCM. -"Launch Utility JSP's" has three useful tools: "Clear Cache" will clear following WCM Dynacache: "services/cache/iwk/strategy", "services/cache/iwk/global", "services/cache/iwk/module", "services/cache/iwk/processing", "services/cache/iwk/site", "services/cache/iwk/session", "services/cache/iwk/summary", "services/cache/iwk/abspathreverse", "services/cache/iwk/menu", "services/cache/iwk/nav", "services/cache/iwk/abspath" "Display EventLog" export event log (DB table that trace WCM items for syndication) "Display Thread Stacks" display the JVM stacktraces and information.
 commented on 5/22/12 9:20:00 AM
Hi, how do i get the unlock access codes? It is mentioned that i can get it from WCM SupportTools page itself, but i do not find any information on that. Thank you.
 commented on 6/25/12 6:23:12 AM
Check out this Whitepaper - WCMSupportPortlet.pdf - While the tool lacks detailed documentation for users. This white paper explains how to install, set up, and use the Support Tools portlet.
 commented on 7/19/12 1:15:38 PM
Hi wanted to know if this tool is available for WCM 8, or the version 8 does not have many problems with the association?
 commented on 11/5/12 9:01:28 AM
This tool is also available for WCM 8.0 and the portlet can be downloaded for this page.
 commented on 9/10/13 5:37:16 AM
There is an error in the tool. When I use the "generate wcm URL search" function the URL returned is missing /wps/ (before seedlist) Can I use this tool to find invalid uuids in wcm btw?
 commented on 9/12/13 11:26:13 AM
Does the portlet be available for WPS I have that WPS version, I have just installed the portlet WCMSupportTools70.war and i am having problems when it does requestDispatchers to JSP. It converts /jsp/thejsp.jsp to %250jsp%250thejsp.jsp and the requestDispatchet gets null. [9/12/13 11:27:18:521 CLT] 00000173 SystemOut O getPageToRender: session page: /jsp/browse.jsp, param page: %250jsp%250home.jsp [9/12/13 11:27:18:522 CLT] 00000173 SystemOut O Request page: %250jsp%250home.jsp [9/12/13 11:27:18:522 CLT] 00000173 SystemOut O requestDispatcher: null, for page: %250jsp%250home.jsp Anyone can help me? Thanks.
 commented on 6/11/14 3:55:41 AM
I have downloaded the latest verion of this portlet. I installed "WCMSupportTools80.war" into WP But the portlet did not display "Chear cache" in WCM Utilities. Please kindly advice me how to display "Chear cache" in WCM Utilities on WP Best Regards,
 commented on 9/5/14 8:59:35 AM
In V8.x and later, you can run ConfigEngine.[sh/bat] action-wcm-clear-cache-all to clear all WCM specific task. Use this only for testing / debug.
 commented on 8/6/17 3:07:51 AM
hi can anyone tell me how to download the portlet? i click download,go to,and search "IBM Support Tools portlet for Lotus WCM " ,but come here again so can somone give me some hints? thank you in advance!!
 commented on 11/16/17 5:41:11 AM
How the portlet can be downloaded? After clicking "Get downloaded" button I'm redirecting to IBM support site.


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