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eProductivity™ for IBM Lotus Notes 

Published by Eric Mack on Jan 14, 2010
Provided by ICA.COM, Inc.
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Description: eProductivity is the ultimate personal productivity tool for Lotus Notes. Intuitive and easy-to-use, eProductivity helps you: * Get “In” to empty * Stay on top of your game * Get more done Built on the power of Lotus Notes and David Allen’s GTD productivity methodology, eProductivity is the only way to “GTD-enable” Notes.

Rock your work with Lotus and eProductivity

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If you use Lotus Notes, eProductivity provides you with everything you need to capture and organize your commitments, review your projects, and make intelligent choices about what to do next.

The remarkable thing about eProductivity is the impact it has within the first few hours of installation – even with little or no training. eProductivity transforms Lotus Notes into a productivity tool for getting things done!

Get “In” to empty:

Email chaos? Papers piling up on your desk? With eProductivity you can finally clear the deck and get control.

I receive as many as 200 different emails or assignments a day, and [using eProductivity] my email box has fewer than 10 at the end of a week. I know what I have to do and when I have to do it. People are always amazed when they see my empty inbox and ordered “Today” list.”

  • Karl Born, Senior Managing Consultant, IBM Global Business

Stay on top of your game:

Get control over your commitments and keep it. eProductivity supports you every step of the way with a flexible “Today” view (to-do list), a Weekly Review Coach, a powerful Reference application, and more.

“I am flying with eProductivity! I have never been so focused and directed.”

  • Betty Kumahor, Executive Director, Ernst & Young

Get More Done:

Get the edge and stand out from the crowd due to your stellar performance. Use eProductivity to rock your work.

I use eProductivity and Lotus Notes to manage all of my projects and actions. It’s indispensable to the way I get things done. eProductivity is the ultimate GTD tool for Lotus Notes!”

  • David Allen, world-recognized productivity expert and best-selling author,

Getting Things Done, the Art of Stress-Free Productivity

To learn more and download a free trial, visit


 commented on 4/27/10 6:15:05 PM
Attend the "Getting Things Done with IBM Lotus Notes" Webinar with GTD Creator, David Allen, and eProductivity creator, Eric Mack. Learn more at :
 commented on 10/19/10 5:59:30 PM
eProductivity is a fantastic addition to the power of Lotus Notes. Even if you are not currently practicing the GTD methodology, you'll find time saving, productive features that will make you an e-mail processing ninja. If you are already familiar with GTD, then you'll be amazed at how the methodology is seamlessly integrated into the eProductivity workflow.
 commented on 7/1/15 7:58:25 AM
great tool! It is saving me a lot of time and keeps me on track of all things to do. BUT it is costing me money!


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