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IBM Connections Widget for Microsoft SharePoint 

Published by Paddy Barrett on Nov 1, 2016
Provided by IBM
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Description: IBM Connections Widget for Microsoft SharePoint accesses Microsoft SharePoint documents from within an IBM Connections community.

Full Description

IBM Connections Widget for Microsoft SharePoint provides the following features:

  • Add the widget for Connections community owners to setup and customize
  • Easily add documents from Microsoft SharePoint Sites to your communities
  • View and edit Folders and Document properties
  • Download and Check Out documents for editing then upload to share changes with the community


IBM Connections Widget for Microsoft SharePoint supports:

  • IBM Connections 5.5
  • IBM Connections 5.0
  • IBM Connections 4.5
  • Microsoft SharePoint Server 2013 Standard
  • Microsoft SharePoint Server 2010 Standard


Please refer to this page for more information about deploying and using this plug-in.

Accessibility: This product is not fully compliant with US Section 508 requirements. 


Nov 01, 2016: Changed page ownership to Paddy Barrett

Jan 28, 2016:   IBM has posted an updated widget with pmr fixes, plus support for IC5.5.

Oct 21, 2015:   IBM has posted an updated widget with pmr fixes.

Sep 18, 2014:   IBM has posted an updated widget that provides support for IBM Connections 5.0 and SharePoint 2013.

March 29, 2013:   IBM has posted an updated widget that provides support for IBM Connections 4.5 and additional customer fixes.

November 1, 2012:  IBM has posted an updated widget that provides support for IBM Connections 4.0 and additional customer fixes.

July 5, 2012:  IBM has posted an updated widget that resolves a date formatting issue.

June 1, 2012:  IBM has posted an updated IBM Connections widget.



 commented on 7/11/11 9:20:20 AM
What, if any, are the Single Sign-On options around this e.g. does the Plugin and/or Widget need to be configured to "talk" to Sharepoint ? Does the solution assume that Connections and Sharepoint ( *AND* the Windows desktop ? ) are all sharing the same Active Directory LDAP ?
 commented on 7/11/11 10:04:49 AM
Is this an out-of-box solution to have Share Point application to be integrated into existing WebSphere Portal that can be accessed by the LDAP users? Or do I need to have license to Lotus Quickr?
 commented on 8/22/11 6:07:49 PM
Which browser platforms is the SharePoint Documents widget supported? Should the widget work on a Mac running either Safari or Firefox?
 commented on 9/2/11 9:17:29 AM
@Dave the single sign-on options are SiteMinder, SPNEGO, and TAM. Additionally for non-sso environments there is support for Windows (NTLM) and SharePoint Forms authentication. @Radhika this solution requires IBM Connections 3.0 or 3.0.1. It is installed to the Connections server and can then be added to Communities by selecting the widget from the customize shelf. @George the widget supports the same browsers as Connections 3.0/3.0.1 which are IE6-8, Firefox 3.5, 3.6, and Safari
 commented on 10/21/11 3:30:02 PM
Does the solution assume that SP and Connections are using the same LDAP and SSO token? For instance, Portal and Connections secured via Siteminder backed by TDS and SP secured via SPNEGO backed by AD.
 commented on 12/16/11 11:18:32 AM
@Evan if you are going to use an SSO mechanism for the widget then you will need to be on the same SSO for Connections and SharePoint. If not then you can fall back to using Windows (NTLM) authentication.
 commented on 2/21/12 8:15:07 AM
I get the following error on the SystemOut.log file on the connections server when I enter the user name and passowrd on the SharePoint widget. 00000021 servlet E service SRVE0068E: Uncaught exception created in one of the service methods of the servlet SP Servlet in application SharePointContent. Exception created : java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: Location cannot be null in javax.servlet.http.HttpServletResponse.sendRedirect(location) at at at at at javax.servlet.http.HttpServlet.service( at javax.servlet.http.HttpServlet.service( at at at at at at at at at at at at at at at at at at$ at$ What could be the cause for this issue?
 commented on 2/29/12 10:09:07 PM
Is this CMIS based integration? Appreciate if you can share details on this.. it is not clear from he documentation -
 commented on 4/5/12 9:10:17 AM
We want to disable the integration for some of the sharepoint websites, we are able to select: clicking on a person's name leads to Sharepoint Profiles. This results in the disappearance of the pop-up business card, but clicking still redirects to connections and not to sharepoint profiles
 commented on 5/30/12 4:59:19 PM
@Joseph it does not use CMIS to retrieve the data. The IBM Connections SharePoint plugin provides an API that the widget uses. This plugin API that runs on the sharepoint server then uses Microsoft's C# APIs to retrieve data.
 commented on 5/30/12 5:02:16 PM
@Michael that configuration only applies to use of the business card integration inside of the SharePoint user interface. In the Connections user interface the business card that pops up is always the Connections one.
 commented on 6/6/12 8:25:49 AM
Notice: If all deployment and setup is done the Community owner has to add the widget to a Connections community (using "Customize") and to enter the URL in the "Edit" mode of the widget. It is required to enter only the Site Collection URL and not a URL, which points to a dedicated library. Entering a library URL will cause "File does not exist" error when trying to download a document. The library can be selected by using "Change Location..." in the "Edit" mode of the widget.
 commented on 7/4/12 4:07:16 AM
I am getting this error message "The content could not be viewed"
 commented on 1/21/13 11:16:21 PM
When does it support for Sharepoint 2013?
 commented on 4/17/13 9:36:31 AM
When i'm trying to upload a document from the widget, i have always the message "The document could not be uploaded. please try uploading again". Somebody has the same problem ?
 commented on 11/20/13 3:54:01 AM
In the page about Plug-in for Microsoft Sharepoint, not the widget, it is not possible to download software and do any comments, it is like the button do not work. @Dev Team can you provide me Plug-in Sharepoint Software in any way , we realise that it is neccesary as previous task of using the IBM Connections Widget for Communities, is it not? We can not upload new document from IC45 to Sharepoint, it have already been installed Widget for Communities. Any help will be appreciated
 commented on 12/4/13 10:05:48 PM
Does it supports Microsoft SharePoint Server 2010 Standard only? how about SharePoint 2010 Foundation?
 commented on 12/6/13 7:08:32 AM
When does it support for SharePoint 2013? Or even better SharePoint 2013 Online?
 commented on 9/30/14 4:46:29 PM
Any summary as to why this is not 508 compliant? Are there plans for 508 compliance?
 commented on 10/14/14 9:53:59 AM
Hello, we have implemented the IBM Connections SharePoint 2013 widget (Version: in our test-connections system (IC45 CR4 and now on CR5). During the testing phase, we have found a few bugs: - We can not upload any files with more than 50 MB - The "Cancel" button during edit does not work - "Change location" settings will delete after edit the widget For more detailed information please follow this URL:
 commented on 4/29/15 8:19:05 AM
Are there any plans to change the implementation of the widget to make the plugin installation on SP-side obsolete and invoke the SP API directly? Installing third-party components on SP is against our company's SP strategy. Is there a delay in the availability of a new plugin version when a new SP version is released?
 commented on 9/30/15 2:51:07 PM
Agree with Oliver. This is a big roadblock especially when considering O365/Sharepointcloud as the plugin is not allowed there.
 commented on 11/18/15 7:25:59 AM
When can we expect a "cloud ready" (O365) version?
 commented on 11/18/15 7:26:07 AM
When can we expect a "cloud ready" (O365) version?
 commented on 2/15/16 7:25:50 PM
When you upgrade the SharePoint widget to this latest version, do you also have to upgrade the SharePoint plug-in to version In other words, can you just upgrade the widget to without upgrading the plug-in dated 20140917?
 commented on 2/24/16 12:47:42 PM
This widget work with Microsoft SharePoint Server 2013 Foundation?
 commented on 6/1/17 12:33:24 PM
Is there a statement if these Plugins will be further developed to support Connections 6.0 / Pink and SharePoint 2016 / SharePoint Online? Any information would be greatly appreciated.


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