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IBM Web Content Manager Production Analytics 

Published by Craig Fotheringham on Dec 8, 2016
Provided by IBM
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Description: Ephox WebRadar v4 for IBM Web Content Manager v8.0.0.1 and IBM Web Content Manager v8.5

Full Description

Ephox WebRadar is a Reporting Solution designed specifically for IBM Web Content Manager by Ephox Corporation. It provides a simple and flexible interface for creating custom reports; a customizable dashboard for running and viewing reports and a multi-edit engine to enable bulk updates of content meta-data. Using WebRadar, customers can automate content reports and use analytics to improve the Web content production process.

This package contains an installer provided by IBM that incorporates Ephox WebRadar, made available by the licensing agreement between Ephox Corporation and IBM. IBM Web Content Manager customers can now take advantage of this content-reporting analytics software as a part of their IBM Web Content Manager deployment.



Fix for cross-site scripting vulnerability (CVE-2016-8922).

See security bulletin for details (


- IBM Web Content Manager

- WebSphere Portal with CF15 or higher or

- WebSphere Portal with CF05 or higher


For further documentation, please visit


 commented on 4/2/14 10:03:27 AM
Support and documentation for virtual portals? Install works fine for base portal.
 commented on 4/8/14 9:18:16 PM
Hi Rick - thanks for the comment. WebRadar, as written does not currently provide support for Virtual Portals. This is something that is being looked at, and is something that we are obviously very interested in to support our customer base who make use of VPs. Watch this space.
 commented on 4/9/14 10:47:31 AM
Hi I'm looking for information regarding webradar pre-requisites especially regarding the client pre-requisites : when used within WCM8001, does webradar rely on a Java applet or is this pure Javascript. Thanks !
 commented on 5/19/14 11:51:42 PM
Hi Benjamin - WebRadar does not make use of an applet. It is a portlet deployed on a page.
 commented on 6/20/14 11:02:42 AM
Is there a WebRadar for WCM 8.5? Or can I use this one for v8.5
 commented on 7/16/14 5:28:45 AM
Hi, I am unable to install WebRadar properly. My fails are following [wplc-create-datasource] DataSource WebRadar create fail. I have followed steps to create database from Ephox site. Can someone explain me why it is failing? Thanks. And When will it support virtual portals?
 commented on 7/31/14 7:26:58 PM
Hi MIke - currency of this package for v8.5 is definitely being looked at.
 commented on 7/31/14 7:29:31 PM
Mati-ur-Rehman Khan, Hi - it might be worth raising a ticket at Ephox Support. Support for Virual Portal is also a question for the team from Ephox.
 commented on 10/7/14 10:07:18 AM
Craig, I noticed your comment back on April of 2014 that WebRadar did not at that time support Virtual Portals. Is that still true? Thanks, Eric.
 commented on 10/8/14 11:15:08 PM
Hi Craig, IS this not supported on v8.5. I tried but could not find the download link to v8.5 CF1.
 commented on 1/21/15 8:21:40 PM
@Eric - this is still true.
 commented on 1/21/15 8:22:34 PM
@Vidyut - CF01 is out (so is CF02, CF03 and CF04)
 commented on 6/2/15 11:06:48 AM
Since installing CF06, the extraction process has been throwing exceptions every minute and filling up SystemOut.log. Does my customer need to re-install the app or does it need an update?
 commented on 6/11/15 8:13:46 PM
They went ahead and re-installed but they're still getting the spider exception. At this point, uninstalling seems to be the only option.
 commented on 6/12/15 2:50:28 PM
@Stan. If you haven't already done so I would encourage you to have your customer open up a PMR with IBM Support. There was an issue reported yesterday concerning issues with the extraction process when running with 8.5 CF06. There's a good chance this is the same problem your customer is seeing. In any case, the Ephox engineering team is actively working this with the IBM Support team and we hope to have it resolved shortly.
 commented on 8/24/15 8:07:23 AM
Error 404: javax.servlet.UnavailableException: WebRadar did not start correctly. Please review container logs for details. I see the above error after successfully installed on Portal 8.5 withCF05
 commented on 9/3/15 11:49:21 AM
I am facing the same as below after successfully install it on CF07 Error 404: javax.servlet.UnavailableException: WebRadar did not start correctly. Please review container logs for details.
 commented on 9/29/15 6:28:58 AM
Hi suresh n, amr salem. If you're still experiencing issues I'd advise that you log a PMR with IBM Support. Between IBM and Ephox they'll be able to help you out with getting WebRadar up and running.
 commented on 10/3/15 4:31:12 PM
This is still the old release: webradar-release= # Versions of this project's dependencies: webradarportlet= webradar-app= When is going to be posted? Log full...cant...take...another...byte!
 commented on 10/30/15 5:03:10 AM
Hi Craig I would like to explore WebRadar, on my Portal Sandbox environment (WP 8.5 CF08). Now in the setup instructions I read that I need a DB in order to install WebRadar. "WebRadar supports several database formats across several operating systems. Follow the instructions below for your preferred database/operating system combination. IBM DB2 Oracle Microsoft SQL Server" Are these the only DB’s supported, how about Apache Derby? Thanks.
 commented on 11/12/15 11:52:23 PM
Savas, hi Derby isn't support for Web Content.
 commented on 11/12/15 11:53:20 PM
@Craig George - stop peeking inside! The version number inside the WebRadar enterprise application is the one you're after .46+
 commented on 7/25/16 5:51:10 AM
Can we get an update as to what has changed between the versions, there's no information here or on the Ephox site.
 commented on 8/10/16 4:06:52 AM
Trying to install this latest version and receiving the following error after running the Version Check of WebSphere Portal Failed, must be CF10 or higher - WebRadar installation failed
 commented on 9/19/16 1:53:28 PM
Craig, would like to see a list of what's changed for this version. Any chance of getting that? Thanks
 commented on 10/13/16 2:23:37 PM
@Craig Fotheringham: I have same question as Joe Breal, do you have list of changes for this new release. Also, was version 5 on hold or renamed to I was on the conference was told end of March this year, any update on that. Thanks
 commented on 10/31/16 9:38:39 PM
Abdul, hi-- Ill raise the 'whats new' question with Ephox. This is version 4.x-- no rename.
 commented on 11/3/16 11:46:19 AM
@Craig: Web Radar v5 is released and there lot of nice features Text Search included But when we download and tried to install in v85, we had some issues and Ephox is seems not supporting AIX. Can you please let us know when it can be official available on this site
 commented on 1/12/17 11:43:55 AM
@Craig : Just wanted to follow up on WebRadar Version 5 release. Is there any timeline for releasing the fix for Webradar version 5 AIX issue


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