IBM Collaboration Solutions Catalog

IBM Collaboration Solutions Catalog

Value-add and business solutions for all your IBM collaboration products

The IBM Collaboration Solutions Catalog on IBM Greenhouse is a rich, web 2.0 style catalog designed to dynamically deliver widgets, plug-ins, portlets, and sample applications across the entire IBM collaboration software portfolio. The catalog will contain a robust array of IBM, Business Partner, and individually created solutions. Whether you are looking for an industry solution for your enterprise or something to customize your end-user experience, you can find it in this catalog.

What can I find in the catalog?

In the catalog, there are many widgets designed to customize and enhance your Notes experience.  This catalog will continue to be expanded to include value-add and business solutions that span the entire IBM collaborationl portfolio. Check back often to find new widgets, plug-ins, portlets, sample applications, and more!!

What browsers are compatible?

The catalog has been tested for compatibility with most browsers on several platforms.  When an incompatiblity is discovered, we will work quickly as possible to correct it.

Enabling the "My Widgets" sidebar panel in Lotus Notes 8.x

By default, Lotus Notes 8.x users will not see the My Widgets sidebar panel. To display this panel, select File > Preferences > Widgets and enable the "Show Widget Toolbar and the My Widgets Sidebar panel" option. This brief video will demonstrate how to enable this functionality.

Video to demonstrate "drag & drop" installation

To install widgets that are listed in the catalog, after accepting the license agreement, you can drag the install icon to the "My widgets" sidebar panel in Notes. This brief video will demonstrate drag & drop widget installation.

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